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 10 Ways to make a Difference


We would like to encourage new donors to consider joining hands with us in order to ensure that we continue to protect children at risk of abuse and neglect.


There are 10 ways to get involved and make a difference:


1. Monthly / Once-off Cash Donations: A small contribution of even R120 a month makes a big impact. This seemingly small contribution enables us to save one child per year from the effects of abuse, violence & poverty.

2. In-Kind Donations: Contributions of products such as children’s & babies clothing, baby formula, diapers, pacifiers, baby toiletries, towels and non-perishable food items allows us to keep operational costs to a minimum while committing cash donations directly to Crisis Projects and Statutory Programmes

3. Volunteering: Individuals can a make a difference by donating their time & skills to our fundraising, social work & community development teams.

4. Corporate Partnerships: Working in partnership with CTCW does not only raise the profile of the corporation but also raises staff morale by offering staff an opportunity to support a great cause and make a difference to children in need. This could be in the form of corporate campaigns, volunteer programs & sponsorships

5. Activist / Fundraiser Programme: We encourage individuals and groups of individuals to start their own fundraising Initiatives to improve the lives of children in Cape Town. This could take the form of a fun walk, a challenge or an event. It’s a good way of making a difference while having fun.

6. Bequests: Specific, residuary, and contingent gifts made by will are the most popular type of planned gift and are crucial to the growth and successthe organisation.

7. Gift in Memory: A donation to Cape Town Child Welfare is a very special way to remember and honour the life of a relative or friend. Your donation will be used to give vulnerable children the chance of a better childhood and a brighter future.

8. Payroll Giving: or Give as you Earn (GAYE) means your donation is deducted directly from your gross salary, tax free. Join Cape Town Child Welfare's Payroll Giving Scheme and help us make a lasting impact with a small payday contribution.

9. Special Occasion Gifts: Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday or anniversary, your gift given to mark this special occasion will go a long way, not only to increase awareness of the work we do, but also to make a positive contribution to the children we assist.

10. Work with us: We are passionate about our cause & dedicated to our mission. In order to continue our work we require qualified & experienced individuals who are passionate about child care and protection.