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Internships (social work)

Cape Town Child Welfare offers internship opportunities for Social Work students. We take eight local students (University of Western Cape, University of Stellenbosch, University of Cape Town, UNISA) and eight international students per year.

All placements have to be arranged through the university whereupon an agreement is signed between Cape Town Child Welfare and the university. We prefer to work with final-year students, although we also welcome second-year students for observation purposes.

The following criteria apply specifically to international students:

  • The student needs to have a visa for the period prior to coming to South Africa. We will provide an acceptance letter prior to placement in order for them to apply for the visa.

  • The students need to arrange their own accommodation and transport to and from the organization.

  • An agreement must be signed between Cape Town Child Welfare and the university prior to the commencement of the placement, which will include the agreement of paying administration and supervision fees on the completion of the placement and receipt of final evaluation report from Cape Town Child Welfare.


Tasks will depend on the expectations of the university, and will be conducted under the close supervision of a social worker with at least three year’s experience. Tasks include:

  • Casework – provide intervention services to children and their families.

  • Assisting social workers with their work, especially in emergency situations and on children's holiday outings;

  • Facilitating group sessions e.g. abuse prevention, behaviour modification, life skills, etc;

  • Starting community development projects in underprivileged areas;

  • Conducting research.