Cape Town Child Welfare Society believes that we need community members to be vigilant in the protection of children, and to become involved should they feel that a child is ill treated and needs help.

When should you be concerned about a child?

  • If the child is never allowed to leave the house.
  • When the child has unexplained marks on his/her body.
  • When a parent is walking under the influence with a baby on the street.
  • When a parent is begging with children.
  • When a parent is sitting at a shebeen with a child.
  • When a child is in a park or on the street with no supervision.

What should you do?

  • Contact your nearest welfare organisation.
  • Contact your nearest police station.
  • Contact 0800helpkids.

What information should you give?

  • Be specific about the information you have and what your concerns are.
  • Names, surnames and address of the child/children and parents.
  •  Your details in case more information is needed (you can indicate that you want to remain anonymous should you wish)