Should you be interested in becoming a foster parent, you can contact the organisation. You will receive an application form which you need to complete and return to us with the names of two references and a copy of your identity document.

Once your application form is received back you will undergo a screening process which includes a home visit and an interview with your whole family. Should you be found suitable and the organisation accepts you as a successful candidate, you will undergo training and go on a waiting list until a child needing a foster home becomes available.

At Cape Town Child Welfare Society, we believe that placing a child in foster care with strangers should be the last option. Therefore, we will first attempt to place the child within the extended family, and then within the community of origin, before looking at other possibilities.

The length of foster placements is determined by the children’s court and has to be reviewed prior to the expiry date of the order. During the period of placement, the biological parents have the right to have contact with their child, and the social workers will attempt to assist the parents in addressing the issues which led to the removal of the child in the first place. Our first choice is always for the child to be returned to his home of origin.